Toughest Saws on Earth

Wicked Tree Gear


Before you jump to conclusions, I get it, I was there one time too, at first when you see it you think. “It’s just another saw; you use it for cutting branches. What can be so special about it?” If you have ever been in the woods with a cheap hand saw, you probably know the frustrations of having it fail, bend, or break on you at some point. I promise you with Wicked Saws you will eliminate those problems in the field forever. I was fortunate enough to meet the man behind Wicked Tree Gear when he was first getting ready to launch the product. I saw the process he went through in testing it against other saws that were available at the time. It didn’t take long to realize that before Wicked Saws came along, there was no reliability available in other saws on the market. Simply put; People that invest in a Wicked Hand Saw or Pole Saw will get reliability and confidence in their saw every time they need it year after year.



Before owning one of these saws I would avoid the need for using a saw in the woods. It just wasn’t worth the hassle or money buying a saw that won’t last half a season. However, since owning the wicked saw I can say I carry it into the woods with me every time I go out. I even own two hand saws just to keep one in my truck at all times. The things you end of using them for when you have it available make them one of the best tools you can own. The hand saw is a lifesaver if you are a hunter that uses a climbing tree stand or run and gun setup. Not only will it take down branches with minimal effort but the saw cuts quick and quiet so you won’t have to risk ruining the hunt by making a lot of noise and movement. The saw is also compact and light, so anytime you enter the woods you can carry it with you without even knowing it’s on your side or in your pack. The Wicked hand saw claims to be the most durable saw ever made and it is backed by taking tons of abuse in the field, and being run over by trucks to show its durability.



Wicked didn’t stop there either, the best gets better, with the Wicked Pole Saw. I first purchased this pole saw at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg. I went with the Heavy duty one over the ultra light because on most of my properties I can drive fairly close to the places I hunt. Just like the hand saw, the pole saw did not disappoint. I was able to carry multiple stands up the mountain with the pole saw attached to the stands. Once I had the stands setup I extended the saw and used the utility hook to hang the saw from the bottom of my stand (nice multipurpose use for this feature), this allowed me to climb back into the tree with my hands free and pull the saw right up to clear any branches in my shooting lanes from the stand. The utility hook attachment proved to be useful many times while clearing branches. On the ground the extended reach of the saw allowed me to get up high to take out any branches I normally couldn’t reach. If you can simply get the blade on the top of a branch, then with little movement and energy you will be able to cut through that branch even fully extended with your arms high above your head. When I was done I closed the saw back up and away I went, no more carrying a 14ft pole saw in and out with me to clear my shooting lanes. This took my hunting to another level. I could use it while hanging stands in the summer and I could easily pack it along for a run and gun setup! In the past I would be forced to pick trees that didn’t need to be trimmed. That would leave me exposed and without optimal shooting while hunting. With these tools in my arsenal I can now look for a tree stand location that offers the best cover and I can then create the entry and exit trails as well as the shooting lanes to make the perfect setup!



Most people will overlook this as a saw that they don’t really need. But truth is it could be the difference maker in shooting a mature whitetail buck or not getting a shot because you couldn’t trim lanes. Don’t let your time spent this season be wasted because you couldn’t clear shooting lanes quietly and proficiently before a hunt. The Wicked Tree Gear products are made by hunters for hunters and worth every penny. Get one and see for yourself.




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